We at “Simply Charming CAD Studio” are a team of professional 3d CAD designers, manual jewelry designers and rendering artists passionate and determined to deliver high quality services worldwide. We have all the understanding in jewelry production processes (printing/production, casting, molding, stone setting), hence, all of the models that we provide are perfectly ready for a 3d printer/machine. The “.stl” files that we provide are quality checked with special software, allowing us to guarantee the printability of any project.
Before becoming a team member of “Simply Charming CAD Studio” every trainee passes a special course/training to advance their knowledge in jewelry processing and production. This helps them better visualize the jewelry models in 3d. This way all the production standards and requirements are kept strictly during the 3d modeling process. And the jewelry CAD files are constructed to pass even the most demanding production processes.


Only the latest and up-to-date software is used for the whole CAD modeling process, as well as the 3d rendering stage. A variety of formats can be provided to the client depending on what the requirement is. Most commonly the formats are: “.3dm” format, “.stl” or “.obj” formats. For any customer that doesn’t have access to a 3d CAD modeling software or 3d model viewer, multiple captures/screenshots will be provided so that the client can confirm the project before receiving the jewelry CAD files.
We offer a full package of 3d CAD services at “Simply Charming CAD Studio”. Depending on what the requirements are we can offer to start with a simple draft or jewelry sketch and proceed to CAD upon approval of the design. However, if the client already owns the design, or simply likes a jewelry item found on the Internet, we can straight proceed to 3d CAD modeling process. Screenshots will be provided to the client for approval of the CAD file, and the production CAD files will be sent once the CAD model is approved.

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Jewelry renderings have become very popular, as they allow the client to visualize the model in a desired metal color and gemstone color combination. Whether it’s yellow gold, white gold/silver or rose gold, and the gemstones are colored ones or a diamond, the rendering will provide you an excellent opportunity to understand if the combination is what you need. The 3d renderings save time and funds, as you don’t need to actually print and produce the jewelry item to be able to view it. It is also very convenient for online sellers, as you don’t have to actually keep the stock of all items to be able to organize the online sales campaign. Simply having a few 3d jewelry renderings for each piece will allow you to process the sales and later on produce the CAD file for any model sold. It’s really convenient!

Digital Sculpting or as otherwise referred as Organic Modeling is one of the most advanced directions in Jewelry Modeling nowadays. Simple jewelry items have become not enough for the consumers. Everyone wants something different, something new, something unique and chic.  With the use of advanced sculpting software like Zbrush, it has become possible to create unique masterpieces, that will have detail, style and emotions. They will have a soul. Hand carfted pieces like those give cold metal the ability to breathe, and talk. Tell their story...